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Sorry Arianna, Biden should NOT resign

Posted in People with tags , , , on October 15, 2009 by usa2020

I really admire the Huffington Post as the best US News Website.  And their founder Arianna Huffington is a great Editor in Chief and something like a Power Woman. But today, she got over the edge in her propsal that Vice President Joe Biden should resign.  The feedback was overwhelming at her blog post. And I really agree with this comment from preemptivelove

“we need his stream of consciousness and unedited voice in the mix. it’s far more controversial for him to defy the military brass if he’s in office than if he quit and did it from the sidelines.”

The main reason for Ariannas concerns are Bidens Afghanistan strategies, which are different to those from General Mc Chrystal who want to put more troops (40.000) to the Hindukush. It seems that Biden try to convince Obama that this is the wrong.

“If Biden truly believes that what we’re doing in Afghanistan is not in the best interests of our national security — and what issue is more important than that? — it’s simply not enough to claim retroactive righteousness in his memoirs.” meant Arianna Huffington and totally missed the point. Again, the Taliban are not the problem. So I hope that Biden convince Obama to keep the Troops away from this Country. Biden is a wise man, and the right balance in the White House.