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Posted in Controversial People with tags on September 24, 2009 by usa2020

Ahmadinejad annoyed the UN delegates yesterday with a provocative Speech. In an Interview with Newsweek, the President of Iran about the Holocaust

“…Sixty million people were killed back then [in World War II], and it is indeed regrettable. It does not matter what creed or belief they came from—human beings and their lives are to be respected simply because they are human beings. I would like to emphasize that we are not living 60 years ago—we are living today. We see the Holocaust as a pretext to commit genocide against the Palestinian people.”

The last sentence is a fact, which most our western goverments deny. And if you say that, you are a far right wing activist. What the fuck?

We all know that he do not care about all human beings in his country. But what is the difference to the US? How many innocent People got tortured (and probably killed) by the Millitary or CIA in the last 20 years? And did Ahmadinejad killed over a Million due his first presidency like Bush did? What gave us the right to judge him when we do not judge our own Leader?