The Corporation

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In the last 100 years. we became a world of corporations with their corporate identities, lifestyles, agendas. They are “legal persons” and got so much rights even they aren´t a real person. This Movie show how danger this policy is, and that they created a monster who is beyond the law.

Watch both parts and think about it. You will lose your trust in capitalism, because their is no friendly capitalism out there. It´s only about the profit.

Watch part 1, part 2



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There is no clear evidence about his crimes, and how many criminal things he did over the last 20 years . And some crazy folks campaign for a NOBEL PEACE PRIZE nomination.  The only good thing is that the italian court lifted his immunity.

Eight Years of War

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World wide Media remember us today that the United States and his allies started the War 8 years ago.  A very sad and shameful anniversary.

Create the mood for war

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“Iran ready to make the Bomb” was the headline of the day. But over the last couple of weeks, there is a bright media campaign for a War in Iran. They wanna show that Iran is a threat to our western values and that they need to act tough to prevent and defeat this threat. It´s the same shit like in the Iraq years ago. Iran probably do have the Nuclear Bomb. But in that region, it would only cause a Cold War in the Middle East Scenario. A balance which could be a real good thing because no one of them will hit the red button. Not Iran, and not Israel. It is a shame that the US have hundreds of nuclear weapons and Israel almost 200. And the Iran isn´t allowed to have this weapon. They need to do this for their own security.

Brezinski once said that he want to have a moderate Iran with the Nuclear Bomb than a fundamentalist one. I don´t think that the current Iranian Government is a threat to our World. They do not treat their own people in a right way, but that does not mean that they will launch the “Smoking Gun” on anytime. They don´t want to erase there own country. It´s not their interest.

And this is also quite interesting and could be a reason why their president do an anti isrealic propaganda.

President of the United States of Europe

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(27 Days until European People need to say “Hail to the Chief” to him)

He brought the War back to the U.K. and is jobless since Gordon Brown signed as Premier. Tony Blair, the George W. Bush ally could be the first President of the European Union. Which means that he is the President of Europe but not supported by the People. The new E.U. Reform Act make this possible. Another Step to the centralised Europe and a New World Order.

Create Crises , provide a Solution

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How to convince people to accpect unppopular political decisions?

First: Create a crises (fill in whatever you want)

Second: Provide a solution

Third: Change the law and make new rules in your interest.

This is they way and this is the thing they don´t tell us. Because it is there most effective Weapon to change civil rights  since decades.

Gordon Brown

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Britians Prime Minister about the Future Global Society.


“Foreign Policy can NOT run by Elites, its got to be run by listening to the Public Opinions of Peoples who are Blogging and who are communicating with each other around the World”

If this is the New World Order, then I only can say, go for it!