Create the mood for war


“Iran ready to make the Bomb” was the headline of the day. But over the last couple of weeks, there is a bright media campaign for a War in Iran. They wanna show that Iran is a threat to our western values and that they need to act tough to prevent and defeat this threat. It´s the same shit like in the Iraq years ago. Iran probably do have the Nuclear Bomb. But in that region, it would only cause a Cold War in the Middle East Scenario. A balance which could be a real good thing because no one of them will hit the red button. Not Iran, and not Israel. It is a shame that the US have hundreds of nuclear weapons and Israel almost 200. And the Iran isn´t allowed to have this weapon. They need to do this for their own security.

Brezinski once said that he want to have a moderate Iran with the Nuclear Bomb than a fundamentalist one. I don´t think that the current Iranian Government is a threat to our World. They do not treat their own people in a right way, but that does not mean that they will launch the “Smoking Gun” on anytime. They don´t want to erase there own country. It´s not their interest.

And this is also quite interesting and could be a reason why their president do an anti isrealic propaganda.


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