President of the United States of Europe


(27 Days until European People need to say “Hail to the Chief” to him)

He brought the War back to the U.K. and is jobless since Gordon Brown signed as Premier. Tony Blair, the George W. Bush ally could be the first President of the European Union. Which means that he is the President of Europe but not supported by the People. The new E.U. Reform Act make this possible. Another Step to the centralised Europe and a New World Order.


One Response to “President of the United States of Europe”

  1. The Economist recently referred to the candidacy of the Belgian prime minister as “comical” while Tony Blair’s would be quite good for the EU standing next to the US. While Blair is a good choice as a figure head, the Belgian prime minister is perhaps superior in negotiating common positions (which is necessary in divided Belgium). I have just posted on what might be behind the British position here.

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